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1 April 2020

African Law Firms & Foreign Counterparts Navigate ‘Tense’ Relationship

Mar. 11, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Steve Blundell, Managing Director at Redstone Consultants, talks with Lee Pacchia about how the market for law firms’ services in Africa is growing due to the maturation of economies within the continent. While the growth in African economies presents an opportunity for lawyers, Blundell notes that changing market dynamics has led to increased competition between the international and local firms and the rising perception that some of the foreign entrants don’t really understand how business gets done in Africa. “There are some horrible stories from the African firms about how they are treated by global firms who put trainees on to manage the relationship,” he says. He also notes that some of the international firms fail to anticipate the realities of working in Africa in a way that can tank deals.

Main image via Flickr/Diana Robinson.

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