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25 January 2020

Burn it to the ground

Apr. 10, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — Well, well, well…Happy Friday, people. This week has been absolutely crazy and I did not think I was going to get this newsletter out today, but here we are coming at you like

Top Slot

Call me crazy, but I don’t often find tech conference media all that useful. These types of forums tend to incite people into making incredibly outlandish claims about the world and the ways in which it’s changing. This particular video, however, is well worth the time and attention. Digital video guru Michael Rosenblum at a conference a couple of weeks back did an interview on the future of broadcast television. Asked what the traditional broadcaster should be doing to their operations in light of all the disruptive change presented by web video, Rosenblum completely nailed it – “burn it to the ground.” I couldn’t agree more.Be sure to check this out. Important stuff in here.

Palate Cleanser

Deer – Now With Fangs!

Dude is totally real, by the way. I kinda want one.

Hot Links…stuff we are thinking about this week
  • Cahill Gordon went out and got an ABS license in the UK. Very interesting…
  • Dentons and McKenna Long tied up their merger after 18 months of back and forth.
  • India’s Amarchand & Mangaldas has pushed its break up mediation until the end of the month. Watch this spot.
  • Tough times at Wiley Rein as they jettison 50 partners and staff.
Work Product…stuff we published this week
From Scott
  • In his weekly video segment, Scott talks about the infamous revolving door between BigLaw and government and points out that a good prosecutor doesn’t necessarily make for a good white collar defense lawyer. A Moment of Simple Justice – The Revolving Door
  • Scott also weighed in on the sudden explosion of ultra-long form law podcasts. (Spoiler: he’s not impressed) The Return of the Podcast People
  • Finally, be sure to read his take down of David Aylor and his recklessly terrible decision to give an interview after resigning as counsel for Michael Slager in the latest police killing case to take the media spotlight. Memo To David Aylor: Shut Up
From Tamara
From Gaston
From me
Full Screen Friday

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a David Lynch fan. I always thought the crazy awesome nightclub scene in Mulholland Drive was just the work of some random person. I know, I know…she was announced at the beginning of the scene. I totally missed it. Anyway, check out Rebekah del Rio DEMOLISH a cover of Roy Orbison’s Crying.

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