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2 April 2020

An Epic Belgian Split

Mar. 13, 2015 (Mimesis Law) — So last week’s newsletter had a Jean Claude-Van Damme Palate Cleanser that people went nuts for. I’m glad you guys liked it so much. It reminded me of this stunning web video that he did for Volvo a little while back. It sounds silly, but this is what ultimately led me to start Mimesis Labs. It made me realize that sponsored content can actually have intrinsic value. I dropped a cup of coffee the first time I saw this video. I re-watched it dozens of times. Have a look. It’s so good. It will totally make you want to buy a Volvo truck.

Seriously, this video is insane. Watch how his right foot slips slightly at 00:48. So. bad. ass.

Head on over to the archive to see this the rest of week’s TinyLetter from Mimesis Law. 


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