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6 July 2022

#FullScreenFriday – something different

We throw a lot of dense stuff your way every week. I know that. Our first show at Mimesis covers the economics of running law firms, of all things. So in order to balance things out a bit, I thought we’d mix it up by pointing out YouTube videos that truly demand the user to max out the video panel and turn up the volume. Sometimes we’ll post great concerts, interesting interviews, shocking news reels, or whatever else strikes our capricious fancy.

So allow me to welcome you to the first of our #FullScreenFriday series. This week watch adorable space alien Roy Orbison rip through Mean Woman Blues at some concert in 1965 Holland. If you listen carefully you can hear a Dutch kid’s head explode after the guitar solo.

I’ve long been fascinated by Roy Orbison in large part because he just does so many things at such an incredibly high level. The man is a fantastic guitar player, great song writer gifted with incredible vocals, etc. etc. Actually, just take the time to watch the whole show. It’s wonderful. What a talent. Enjoy the weekend, people. Don’t work too hard.

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