Mimesis Law
19 May 2019

#FullScreenFriday – Kate Bush

In the time we’ve been putting out these missives, I feel like I’ve done a fairly good job of shielding you all from my crippling love for Kate Bush. Alas, this is where my self control gives out. My girlfriend was good enough to score us tickets for Kate’s first tour in 35 years and we are off to London next Tuesday to see her apparently incredible performance.There are countless videos I could post illustrating her mad genius. I could rant for hours. Suffice to say, I’m not sure I have ever experienced an artist so skilled in so many dimensions of their craft. I’m aware that statement looks hyperbolic.¬†It’s not.

Go full screen on this performance¬†of Running Up That Hill 1987 with David Gilmour on guitar. Sheer madness…

Enjoy the weekend, you guys. Ok, ok one more.

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