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18 April 2021

SCOTUSblog Finally Get Their Wings

Mar. 6, 2015 (Mimesis Law) SCOTUSblog finally succeeded in their long and difficult fight to get the Supreme Court to grant them press box access so they can do an even better job of handing mainstream media their butts whenever the nation’s attention turns to the Court’s business. This is a particularly good time to recall that SCOTUSblog remains one of the greatest law firm marketing initiatives of all time. As many of you know, the website grew out Tom Goldstein’s daily rundowns of the cases before the Court. It grew over the years and today it boasts a full time staff of several exceptional journalists and an impressive stable of contributors. It’s also by far the most trusted source for top level commentary, insight and analysis for those interested in what happens at the Supreme Court. Good for them on that, but the real spoils here belong to its owner’s law practice. By virtue of this publication, Goldstein is able to remind clients, prospects and the general public on a daily basis of the special place he occupies in the Supreme Court litigation business. Powerful stuff.

The lesson here is that the synergies (sorry, I hate that word too, but it works in this instance) between professional services and media, as we have discussed before, are extremely strong. Do you aspire to be the best in breed for a given practice area? You’d be crazy not to get into making content on a regular basis. We’d even go so far – cough cough – to suggest doing so with video. Anyway, whenever you’re reading this fantastic little publication to understand what’s happening in a big case before SCOTUS, remember the bigger picture here.

Main image via Flickr/John Marino.

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