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28 October 2020

Something Entirely Different: NITES/WKNDS with Lee Pacchia

June 30, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — Hey, you! Listen to my podcast, NITES/WKNDS! Just kidding.

But not really. In the past 6 or so years, I’ve done a lot of interviews. I think I’m over 2000, all in all. That’s a lot, right? But something I’ve always wanted out of this gig and, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to obtain up to this point is the freedom to interview anyone on anything. I’ve always wanted to do a show that spoke to the broader spectrum of human experience; the kind of stuff you should be thinking about when we’re not working ourselves to death. So here’s our crack at it: Nites/Wknds with Lee Pacchia. Each week I’ll be sitting down with all manner of smart people to talk about their careers and their views on life, current events, up-and-coming bands we should be paying attention to, why the New York Knicks chronically suck and so much more.

So far we’ve kept the booking to close friends like Demetri Kofinas (producer & entrepreneur), Kavi Reddy (Gawker’s Deputy Counsel) and Ben Adler (writer at Grist) – this is a new show afterall.  The topics are, uh, wide-ranging and pretty random. That said, I think these are conversations with people on topics that are well worth your time and attention. Anyway, you can check it out on SoundCloud or iTunes or right here on Mimesis Law. Hope you enjoy it.
If you’ve kept reading this far, you might as well go ahead and follow us on Twitter @NITESWKNDS

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  • CLS
    1 July 2016 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    Subscribing. Good stuff.