Mimesis Law
16 June 2019

#FullScreenFriday – Too Slow

I had planned a nice pop punk interlude for this beautiful (at least in NYC) summer Friday, but events in Ferguson, Missouri are seriously clouding my mood.

Let’s talk about the video first. There are legion examples of Nina Simone’s genius online, but this is one of my favorites in terms of illustrating her special gift for working an audience. I love how she’s all smiles while the band plays through the extended applause and then she just rips back the curtain on a SCATHING performance of a viscerally angry and brutally honest song. The air must have been completely sucked the air out of the room by the second ‘goddamn.’ Quite the transition.

I’m watching Ferguson with the hope that a fair and just outcome can be reached in the Mike Brown case.  That said, this situation bears the markings of a familiar pattern and it sure seems unlikely that we will see Darren Wilson held to account for his actions. I hope I’m wrong.


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